QuickClaims Case Study

How QuikClaims Streamlined Their Project Management System for Better Client-Employee Interactivity

Software Integrations



QuikClaims is an estimating services company that negotiates with insurance adjusters on behalf of contractors to justify line items’ viability for inclusion and coverage, lessening their clients’ property insurance costs. 


QuikClaims sought support to build out their project management system for their sales and operations teams. They had massive operational congestion from the amount of manual effort going into email correspondence with clients to sign contracts. They did not have a way of knowing if clients signed contracts or documents unless the clients emailed back, which created clouds of mystery concerning client activity and a less than stellar customer experience. Without client activity, notifications, or workflow automations set up regarding documents, payments, and invoices, opportunities were at risk of slipping through the cracks. Realizing they were leaving money on the table, QuickClaims chose to implement monday.com to address these problems. Without direction or a mapped business process to design a project management system, they had to figure things out by trial and error. The result? An overabundance of conflicting automations that duplicated workflows, making it difficult for employees to navigate the system, causing distress, confusion, and a less-than-enthusiastic reception by their team of the newly purchased technology.

They needed a way to create integrations and automations to streamline their whole system, so they sought OBO Agency’s professional help.


OBO assessed QuickClaims operations through interviews and detailed tech-scoping. OBO’s professional conclusion was to design and architect an entirely new project management system using monday.com. OBO created a BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) map by evaluating QuickClaims’ current processes, needs, and requirements. Using this map, OBO developed a system that met Quikclaims’ unique business process and user requirements, with seamless workflow processes through customizing fitting integrations and automations. 

Creating Monday.com Automations with Different Integrations


OBO used Integromat to connect monday.com with the software applications that QuickClaims utilize to function. By doing so, OBO was able to automate workflow processes to create a holistic project management system.


OBO integrated monday.com with Docusign to send out a document to QuickClaims’ client when an estimator updated a status item on monday.com. When a client signs a document, a QuickClaims administrative professional gets notified to assign an estimator to the client. 


OBO then integrated Quickbooks’ payment features into the process. When a client signs a DocuSign contract, it triggers monday.com to create an item, which also triggers Quickbooks to generate a financial record. Once an estimator finishes an assessment, they click to change a status item on monday.com to trigger an action to send the estimate and invoice to the client via email. OBO set up the automated email to have forms where the client can type in their payment information. 

Building Client Trust by Providing Transparency

OBO also solved QuickClaims clients’ issue of not being able to see the status of their projects. Clients can now access monday.com as a guest to see their project. As estimators work on their client’s project, the client can see status-changes in real-time. The client can log in on monday.com, or they can opt to be notified via email for status updates on their project. They can also use the conversation tool on monday.com to communicate with their estimator if they want additional information. 

Creating WorkSpaces for Employees to Focus on Their Department’s Scope of Work

OBO customized dashboard views for each department to polish the mechanics of how work gets done, eliminating employee confusion. By removing the need for employees to navigate their work scope, they can prioritize their tasks and increase their efficiency and productivity.


A detailed implementation plan is necessary when building a project management system; without a concrete plan, all processes, teams, and clients will topple over each other, creating a costly tangle of technology and data. OBO tailored QuickClaims’ project management system to their employees’ and clients’ needs, dramatically improving their overall business process and customer experience. QuickClaims was able to streamline communication and interactivity among its stakeholders by creating people-focused solutions, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness. QuickClaims can now establish trust with its clients and build loyalty with its new transparent process and system. 

If you are interested in reconfiguring your project management system, contact us. Let’s talk about how to optimize your business.