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Project Description

Rackner Solutions

Rackner Solutions is a local, DC area startup that focuses on IT solutions. The founders met in their freshman year of college, discovered that they shared similar business aspirations, and formed their own company shortly after graduating.

They provide full stack IT services including: web design, application development, server management, database integration, and data analytics. Their successes range from database integration to app and website development; for example, the website Wine Value Ratings.

Rackner Solutions is a team of problem solvers and creatives. We have a passion for developing solutions to existing problems using a unique blend of critical thinking and inventiveness.



As Rackner Solutions moved forward, they faced the challenges of a flooded market without the ability to distinguish themselves from other local IT startups. In addition to being lost in the crowd, Rackner Solutions was unsure of their target clientele and did not have the resources to discover their target market.

They needed to break through the noise of the growing IT services industry, but could not find an effective way to make a name for themselves.


That’s when Rackner Solutions approached OutboundOps, looking for ways to develop new business. After much discussion, the team at OutboundOps developed a unique and creative sales strategy, via cold email outreach and LinkedIn networking, to bolster Rackner Solutions’ value proposition.

The sales and marketing focus shifted to developing lasting relationships in niche networks where the founders of Rackner Solutions already had one foot in the door. From there, prospects were segmented to determine the best target market for their solutions.

“OutboundOps has acted as an extension of our team by providing the sales and marketing talent we were lacking. Within 3 months, we had a steady flow of new sales leads, and increased sales pipeline.”

Alexander Raul, CEO, Rackner Solutions


The Rackner Solutions outreach campaign quickly became an overwhelming success. In the first 3 months of the campaign, Rackner more than tripled their sales pipeline allowing them to grow their team and target new markets.

The experience with Rackner Solutions helped to improve our processes at OutboundOps and proved that our strategies work. We helped grow a local startup into a valuable small business while building upon their professional networks and connections.


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