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Project Description


Ecoprint is a DC area printing company that provides high quality printing services with a focus on environmentally friendly practices. Starting out more 30 than years ago, Ecoprint began as a non-profit, working out of a van. Since then Ecoprint has been very successful and began to venture into the world of commercialized printing.

Now working with larger companies, Ecoprint still embodies their core values of renewable printing practices that got them started.

“Our mission is to lead the charge in helping to transition the paper and printing industries to a higher level of sustainability. Clients and partners choose Ecoprint because they demand excellence in service and want their projects to reflect their commitment to a greener planet.”


When Ecoprint came to us, they needed to start generating new business but did not have the manpower to do it on their own. They had attempted outreach in the past but after many cold and warm email prospecting campaigns, nothing was working well enough for them.

Despite numerous salespeople hires to try and bring in new talent to drive business, nothing was working. They felt like they were wasting money on sales efforts.

Not Enough Manpower
Need for New Business
Uneffective Outreach Attempts
Money Being Wasted

Initial Concept Planning

Originally we were not quite sure what would be the target market for Ecoprint. After some market research we settled on Non-profit Organizations and focused on the sustainability angle.

Uncovering Their Niche

While research showed that sustainability was one of the least important aspects of their customers’ criteria, we knew it to be a good differentiator. Add to that their history of top-notch customer service, and we had a pitch.

Re-engaging Customers

Ecoprint was not engaging with any of their past customers, so we decided to pursue a re-touch campaign.They were aware of how many clients they were not reaching out to from their past, but they did not understand the full benefit of re-engagement.

Excellent Results

The Ecoprint re-engagement campaign was a resounding success, with over 33% of all responses being positive.

Re-engaging with old prospects not only created new business, but started many recurring relationships. Where once they had trouble finding business, they were struggling to keep up with the steady flow of work — a nice problem to have!

The re-engagement campaign not only kept Ecoprint top-of-mind with their clients, but it also gave us valuable insights we were able to pass along as to what their clients felt about Ecoprint.

What began as apprehension toward the outreach process turned into a highly successful, profitable campaign by rekindling relationships with previous clients.

Since partnering, our monthly sales pipeline has increased over 200%. Our new challenge is how to keep up with all the new opportunities, which is much better than wondering where our next new opportunities were coming from.”

Bobby Firestein, CEO, Ecoprint

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