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Project Description

Communications Electronics

Communications Electronics is a Baltimore-area company that has provided mission critical wireless communications since 1976, including a diverse range of wired and wireless solutions. For over two decades, Communications Electronics has enjoyed a partnership with Motorola as a Premier Service Partner, Platinum Professional Elite Partner, and Commercial Radio Elite Specialist.


In early 2016, Communications Electronics sold their AT&T properties, which accounted for about 50% of their business (as well as 85% of the marketing team’s efforts). The company made the decision to focus on the B2B side of their business. But, the problem was, they had no real outbound marketing strategy to utilize.

Communications Electronics was looking for a strong, successful lead generation program that could support their new focus on B2B sales. Previously, they had developed an inbound marketing program with various marketing agencies that was complementing the sales team, but not in a way that prompted much success. These efforts included direct mail, quarterly newsletters, email marketing, events and local sponsorships, social media, cold calling, website development and some SEO and blogs; it was a large process with little reward.

So CE decided they wanted a third party agency to drive their outbound marketing efforts in the Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania markets.

Enter obo. Agency

Communications Electronics was looking for an agency that could implement an outbound marketing program and that had proven success, an understanding of their business, and fit within their budget. Lori Martinet, Director of Marketing for the company, met obo. Agency Co-Founder Noah Berk at an event, and the two exchanged information.

At first, Communications Electronics wasn’t ready to commit to a solution. But, like fate, Lori was thinking about making a decision about marketing when Noah called her to follow up a few months later.

  • outbound marketing program with proven success
  • understanding their business
  • fit within budget

The Solution


OBO’s process began with a thorough analysis of Communications Electronics’ business by analyzing their resources and by researching the wireless environment. With a deep understanding of their business needs and industry, OBO was able to suggest a demand generation program that would help Communications Electronics succeed.


OBO’s solution included marketing automation and outbound marketing efforts–specifically, a robust lead generation program–and managing and categorizing the Communications Electronics database into segments to better target appropriate messaging. With a clean database and more targeted approach, outbound efforts were made much easier.


Though there were some challenges in tackling the database management project, trusting OBO to spearhead the email copy, and understanding lead tracking in the new CRM system, Communications Electronics understood that the rewards were worth the pains.

The Results

The benefits of the implemented outbound marketing program and marketing automation software were many: strong ROI, a lot of activity, sales, and follow ups, and tons of inbound leads to pass off to the sales staff. The implementation of new programs hasn’t stopped there, either; OBO is now helping Communications Electronics ramp up additional efforts such as blogging and other content creation.

Unique Positive Responses
Increase in Pipeline
Cost per Lead

OBO’s email outreach efforts generated a total of 128 unique positive responses out of 430. OBO rated all the responses positive, neutral, or negative; Communications Electronics generated an almost 30% positive response rate. They’re not only getting inquiries, but they’re also getting appointments, request for quotes, and even orders. At one point, they had to slow down the campaign because they were having trouble handling the volume.


Positive Response Rate


Average Open Rate


Responses Required a Follow Up

With the new outbound marketing plan implemented, Communications Electronics is able to brainstorm and plan ahead, take on new initiatives that they couldn’t in the past, and report on the success of their efforts.

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