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We provide services to clients in a large range of industries.

“OBO has acted as an extension of our team by providing the sales and marketing talent we were lacking. Within three months, we had a steady flow of new sales leads and an increased sales pipeline.”

Alexander Raul, CEO, Rackner Solutions

“Since partnering, our monthly sales pipeline has increased over 200%. Our new challenge is how to keep up with all the opportunities, which is much better than wondering where our next ones were coming from.”

Bobby Firestein, CEO, Ecoprint

“We came to OBO to find innovative ways to start conversations with our ideal prospects. We face lots of competition and are always challenged to find ways to stand out. The OBO team came up with a creative sales strategy, developed engaging copy, and sourced the prospect lists for us. Best of all, they managed all facets of the outreach campaign. We’re now seeing more continuous lead flow than we’ve received from previous outreach campaigns. I like their approach and strongly recommend their DemandOps program. They’re a great team!”

David McCrystal, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development , Evolve IP

“When we found ourselves unexpectedly understaffed, we were looking for a service that could quickly generate sales pipeline without taking up a lot of our bandwidth. Enter OBO: they exceeded our expectations in terms of both quality of service and quantity of leads generated, all while seamlessly integrating with our pre-established workflow. We would definitely recommend them to any company looking for an outbounding service.”

Tyler Rohrbaugh, Market Development Manager, Curalate

“OBO delivers. With an important event coming up to showcase our award-winning software, we realized we didn’t have a sufficient outreach strategy in place. The OBO team put together a plan for us and managed the entire outreach process. They set up appointments for us during and after the conference with our ideal prospects. All we had to do was show up and run demos. The entire process was a breeze! We highly recommend OBO for your outreach campaign, whether it’s setting appointments by phone or managing your cold-email campaign.”

Natasha Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Integrity Management Services, Inc.

“Since beginning work with OBO, our lead inflow has significantly increased. They took all our existing data and organized it, then strategically came up with new campaign ideas and unique ways to reach out to new prospects. OBO especially shines when it comes to event outreach. We’ve really stood out to our event prospects, and I’ve never seen such engagement with our brand before! I highly recommend OBO to anyone wishing to grow their business.”

Lori Martinet, Director of Marketing, Communications Electronics

“OBO has been one of the greatest boons to my business when it comes to referral partners. From maintaining my relationships with existing partners to generating new ones, I was forced to actually pause their campaigns due to the overwhelming influx of new business. I can always count on OBO to get me results.”

Richard Kirkley, President , Restyle

“OBO has helped us generate over $350K in topline revenue so far. Our pipeline went from having a few leads to work off of to a full pipeline of qualified leads. They always goes out of their way to make sure that I am pleased with the performance of campaigns. Based off of our previous campaigns’ analytics, they provide strategy to make sure we never are sitting there wondering ‘what do we do next’… I don’t know what we would do without the team at OBO. If you get the chance to work with them… jump in and do it.”

Jarrett Fleagle, Director of Business Strategy, WebMechanix