OBO Wins 2018 Baltimore Corporate Culture Award

Why Company Culture Matters

A company is made up of lots of different parts: its clients, its services, its team members… Some organizations tend to overlook one important aspect, though: their company culture.

Earlier this month, OBO was the proud recipient of the 2018 Baltimore Corporate Culture Awards. We were recognized for our friendly, engaging, and downright fun culture! Every Friday, our team drinks a beer, and once a month, we take an afternoon to do some sort of activity together, whether it’s going out to eat or working together to escape a room (don’t worry–not from our office!). Plus, our team members voluntarily spend their hour lunches going out to eat with each other or chatting and joking in our break area. We’re a family, not just co-workers.

Company culture is important for many reasons, but the best is our employees’ happiness. Of course happy employees means more work will be done because they enjoy doing it, but it also means that our team feels engaged in the company and wants to stay. Employees should feel like they are appreciated in their roles and like they belong. If they feel like just another body in a desk, they’re less likely to feel motivated or appreciated.

Because work isn’t all about work! It may be contradictory to think about, but consider it this way: your employees spend at least 40 hours of their week in your office. That’s about a quarter of their week. So if your team is spending all that time at work, shouldn’t they at least enjoy it?

Even though we won this award, we’re always looking for ways to make OBO the best company to work for–so we can position ourselves to serve your needs to our fullest potential. Here’s to creating a fun workplace!

All the best,

Noah and the OBO Team

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