Obo. Agency Earns HubSpot’s Advanced Implementation Certification

If you’re one of our clients, you probably know how crazy we are about HubSpot. This November, obo. Agency was one of ten global HubSpot partners, and one of only four in the United States, to earn the Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC).

This is really big news, so let’s break it down. What is AIC, and more importantly, what does it mean for you?

The Certification

HubSpot is a leading growth platform that features award-winning software, services, and support to transform CRM. Their Advanced Implementation Certification identifies members of the agency partner community that truly excel in a particular set of HubSpot services. These services include:

  • Highly complex CRM & Marketing Automation implementations
  • Deploying HubSpot services across enterprises
  • Software integrations and migrations
  • Business process mapping
  • + plenty of other specialized services

To qualify for the AIC, agencies must have a number of its employees certified in HubSpot Sales Software and HubSpot Sales Enterprise Implementation. The assessment itself is comprised of a video interview, written exam, practicum completion and more.

With over 150 HubSpot partners competing for this certification, only 10 walked away with it– obo. Agency was one of them.

The Significance

More than anything, this certification is for you.

In fact, a component of the exam relies on feedback from actual customers to determine whether or not the agency is fully qualified. At the end of the day, a HubSpot partner is only as good as the work it can produce for its clients.

These certifications serve as credentials that mark a HubSpot partner is successful at large to enterprise implementations. If you’re looking to work with a HubSpot partner, check certifications like the AIC to ensure you’re in the best hands for complex implementation projects.

(Check out our certs– we have 16 of them. We’re a Platinum Certified Agency, too.)

The Celebration

A certification of this caliber doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, dedication, a complete working knowledge of HubSpot, and a deep understanding of system architecture and integration. Our team at obo. Agency couldn’t be happier with this achievement.

“We’re proud to be recognized as an Advanced Implementation Partner with HubSpot,” says our co-founder, Rob Guinn. “Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes deliver a better customer experience through improved processes and technologies. We really enjoy working through these complex projects with our clients to create a digital environment that suit their exact business needs and prepare them for future growth.”

If you’re needing assistance with implementation, business mapping, software integrations, or anything else under the HubSpot sun, we’re the team for you. Your free consultation awaits.