New Name, Same Great Team! Introducing OBO

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 20 months since my partner Rob and I launched our business, OutboundOps, in January 2016. It’s been an incredible journey watching the company grow, watching our people grow, and watching our clients become more successful.

With our growth has come change, understanding, and evolution. OutboundOps was dedicated to lead generation through list building, cold-emailing, and response management. We got really good at sending cold emails that converted prospects into opportunities. We also developed strong skill sets around content, reporting, dashboards, and setting up integrations between our cold email systems and our client’s CRM. Our data team consists of ridiculously smart individuals who can figure out pretty much whatever our clients need.

Over time, we realized that our clients needed more than just cold emailing; they needed an entire system to manage the sales and marketing funnel. So we launched our Marketing Automation solutions service, advising our clients on the best platforms to use that meet their needs while staying within their budget. We developed in-house skills around launching campaigns, implementing landing pages, creating newsletters, developing blogs, mastering workflows, building pop-ups, and more.

Naturally, Marketing Automation led us to advising clients on CRM strategy, sales enablement tools, and social media marketing. Our universe continued to get bigger, more complicated, and more fun because, as consultants, we thrive on problem solving.

It’s a funny thing, being an agency: you start as one thing and then clients keep asking for more. And you just can’t say no.

Since our inception, we have worked with 60+ clients. Some clients only use us for particular projects, while others hire us for long term engagements. In each client interaction we’ve learned new tactics, strategies, and concepts that can we apply across the board.

We’re constantly evaluating tools, applications, strategies, and reading whatever we can get our hands on to give our clients the edge. Over time, we’ve outgrown the name OutboundOps; we’re no longer strictly a lead generation company. Now, we’re an account based marketing agency, providing clients with valuable advice to help them grow their business regardless of individual tactics.

As part of our evolution, we have centered our offerings around our assessments. These assessments are fun! Our workshops are an opportunity for us to learn about our clients’ needs and deliver concepts and ideas from a third party perspective that they may not have thought about yet. We’re able to help our clients crystallize their vision into a solid sales and marketing game plan.

Being a consultancy, we can partner with any organization to help our clients reach their goals. We’re technology agnostic, we’re marketing channel agnostic, and we’re tactic agnostic. Even if we don’t provide the in-house support our client may need for an individual tactic, we can still help our clients find the perfect partner. Our only goal is to do whatever it takes to help our clients succeed. Ideas are why companies hire us; execution is why they keep us.

The name OBO pays homage to our roots, our foundation, and our company culture. Inside, we’ll always be OutboundOps, the innovative startup agency performing wonders for our clients, but to the outside world, we’re now OBO, the account based marketing dream team every company would love to hire.

Thank you to all of our clients, partners, friends, and family for their support in our journey. We’re beyond excited about our direction and creation of a world class consultancy to help our clients continue to grow.