How PublicRelay Grew Their Revenue by 340% in a Year by Reconstructing Their Tech Stack

increase in sales revenue

technology adoption rate among its sales team

qualified prospects through email marketing campaigns


PublicRelay provides reputation monitoring and predictive analytics services for corporations that want to stay in front of public relations issues.


PublicRelay wanted to focus their sales team and gain the ability to measure sales performance via an overhaul of their foundational sales and marketing tools. Their technology stack had grown to include multiple, unintegrated tools, which resulted in siloed information and data blind spots, causing friction between their sales and marketing teams. In addition, PublicRelay needed to achieve messaging continuity in their marketing programs. So, they reached out to OBO to create marketing programs and a sales infrastructure to drive sustainable growth.


OBO first provided an assessment and a thorough strategy and execution in support of PublicRelay’s goals. Deliverables included an ABM-focused sales enablement program through the implementation of HubSpot CRM and associated sales activity sequences. They were followed by targeted marketing campaigns, email marketing, and a redesign of their website. 

Account-Based Marketing Solution

Strategic Objective Review

OBO reviewed PublicRelay’s strategic goals for alignment with their current sales and marketing processes. The review explored the organization’s KPIs and determined processes that were aligned to support long-term revenue goals.

Account-Based Marketing Review

OBO reviewed PublicRelay’s methodology for implementing an ABM approach, identifying critical keys to success.   

Lead Flow Lifecycle 

OBO  developed a deep understanding of Public Relay’s brand values and processes used to convert leads into customers through assessment and interviews. 

Marketing Review

OBO conducted a full audit and analysis of PublicRelay’s current marketing strategy, as well as the customer’s journey once handed off to sales. The marketing review expertly assessed digital and physical touchpoints to build customer awareness and convert leads into customers through the sales funnel. 

Technology Assessment

OBO conducted a multi-point technology assessment, including a detailed review of current systems and processes PublicRelay used by the sales and marketing teams. 

Data Deep Dive

They next reviewed how data was stored and how efficiently it moved within the organization. These findings would help align data processes with the strategic objectives of the sales and marketing team.

HubSpot Integration Solution

OBO set up a fully integrated system utilizing HubSpot as a CRM and Marketing Automation tool. But before this, they conducted the following steps to help PublicRelay fully adopt the new system. 

Data Requirements 

OBO reviewed all of PublicRelay’s data requirements and developed a data integration plan to streamline data in Zoho, Marketo, and HubSpot. Through interviews and requirements gathering with the PublicRelay team, OBO then determined high-priority data in each existing system.

Data Export 

OBO built custom scripts/reports to properly export data out of Zoho and Marketo. These ensured only clean data was imported to HubSpot.

HubSpot Data Implementation 

Automation scripts were built to take the data export, transform the data, and import it into HubSpot.  These custom data integrations could take the exported data from various systems, parse through it, map to the corresponding fields, and store the new information within HubSpot.

HubSpot Sales CRM Training

OBO conducted personalized, on-site HubSpot CRM training with the sales team to achieve technology adoption. 

Email Marketing Solution

PublicRelay needed to drive more qualified leads. To help identify and reach out to their ideal customers, OBO organized contact lists provided by PublicRelay, developed cold-email outreach campaigns, segmented prospects, created email copy, tested subject lines/content, and managed email sends through our cold-email automation platform. OBO helped manage and create a process for response management and forward all responses directly to PublicRelay to schedule appointments. Their email marketing effort resulted in 60 qualified prospects for the sales teams to follow up with to close deals.


Post-implementation, PublicRelay grew corporate revenue by 340% in a single year. Management is now able to better forecast, review, and manage the sales staff. The website affords the internal marketing team the ability to update content, add pages, and create content using tools that promote search engine optimization, increasing reach and awareness. Furthermore, the sales team adopted the new system and processes by 100%, proving that an efficient and effective team helped boost revenue for the company.

Client’s Testimony

“obo. Agency is incredibly responsive and takes the time to understand short- and long-term goals, enabling them to provide perfect fit solutions. Their website redesign and rebranding have established a solid footing in a competitive market, while their marketing strategies have engaged new contacts.” – Karen Megarbane Marketing Manager, PublicRelay.