How to Design Websites for Your Users

The website you design for your business is your first online impression. When your clients visit your website and navigate your pages, they should be able to immediately understand what your business is all about. This means that even the smallest details can make a big difference.

When designing your website, it’s crucial to have a third-party designer and development team to help you better understand your intended user experience and what your buyers want to see. You may find it tough to step outside your own shoes and view your business as a client. The development and design team can play this role to help you better understand what clients expect when they first visit your website.

Depending on your specific industry, your website will have different needs. Even so, there are a few specific features you’ll want to make sure your website has. Namely, you want to be sure that:

  • Your clients can contact you easily. Lots of online users want to be able to fill out a simple form to contact you instead of calling over the phone. Make sure you have an online contact form that’s noticeable and easy to use. Don’t make your clients hunt for your contact information.
  • You provide the right information without overloading. Your clients want to get as much information as they want from your site. But it’s important to deliver content in digestible snippets so visitors can continue through to other pages if they want to learn more. That way, they’re not bombarded with lots of information on a single page.
  • Your website colors and format match your brand. Your brand is unique, and you want to showcase that on your website by using the right color scheme and formatting. By reflecting your business’s goals through your website—new leads, higher conversions, etc.—you can help clients and prospects get a glimpse of who you are as a whole. This also includes choosing the right graphics and images for your pages.

As we’ve discussed, it can be tough to build a website for your business without a design or development background. We always recommend consulting with a third party to figure out what’s best for your business, site, and overall brand. The journey of designing your website won’t be short, but it’ll certainly be worth your time.

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