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At obo. Agency, our overarching goal is to simplify. We help our clients better manage their day-to-day practices by introducing integrated solutions that extract tedious, time-wasting tasks, helping your teammates prioritize critical work.

One of the easiest ways to reduce manual labor? Automating it.

Automation is a a fool-proof way to streamline processes, improve project efficiency, and mitigate errors that typically arise during repetitive, manual work. You can automate many aspects of your business processes, from marketing and sales to data and internal communication. For every status change and notification to send, there’s an automation to get the job done on your behalf. helps hundreds of thousands of teams to manage their workload, track sales pipelines, and save time with automation, all while integrating with their existing apps and tools. For a better, more productive business, look to as your Work OS.

Workflow Management Software

Investing in workflow management software is practically essential for the success of team-based operations. These solutions introduce cohesive, visual approaches to managing business processes. With a myriad of Work OS solutions on the market, you’ll want to look for several key elements to identify the top contenders. offers all these and more:

Workflow Automation: Small, repetitive tasks can add up, costing your team members significant time that could better be spent closing a sale or contacting a qualified lead. Workflow automations give that time back to your employees, working in the background to run actions and events based on configured triggers.

Collaborative Tools: If your teams cannot effectively communicate their agendas with one another, efficient coordination becomes nearly impossible. The right workflow management software empowers your teams with real-time communication tools. Whether they allow you to integrate with your existing communication tools, such as Slack or Gmail, or introduce their own instant messaging and tagging abilities, these collaborative tools are absolutely essential to your success.

Mobile Friendly: Teams that are frequently on the go need a mobile-friendly workflow management portal. The top Work OSes will offer mobile-friendly views or downloadable apps to allow for ease of use no matter where business might take your team.

Dynamic Views: Whether you prefer a list view for your data, a Kanban board for your weekly to-dos, or a views center to compile your essential applications, the best workflow management softwares allow full customization of your dashboard view. Your departments can easily transform their data into comprehensive visuals that best suit their workflows and individual preferences. Automations

Once you’ve established your instance, you’ll be able to introduce automations to your boards that can help simplify your processes and reduce manual work. offers a variety of automation recipes to its users. Automation recipes are preconfigured combinations of triggers and actions; you can customize the parameters of each component to construct your desired workflow. For example, say you want to notify a specific team member every time their project changes its status. You might choose the following automation recipe:

In the example above, the trigger of this automation would include the status change, as well as its new label. Once satisfied, this trigger fires off an automated action: notifying the selected team member(s) as frequently as needed (indicated by the “every time period” component).

There is no shortage of automation recipes presented by From status changes and date reminders to item creation and cross-board commands, automating processes on your board is as simple as following a recipe. Some of the most popular workflow automations for users and teams include:

Notifications: Keep your project managers informed whenever there’s a change on their board. Make sure they never miss a thing with automated notifications for status updates, item reassignments, date arrivals, and more.

Recurring: For those weekly, monthly, or quarterly tasks that consistently need duplicating, recurring automations allow you to set a time period trigger that will create items or groups, notify specified parties, and more. 

Due Dates: Never risk missing a deadline with automated due date notifications. These automation recipes can apply actions on, before, or after a given due date to keep your teammates informed and adjust task statuses accordingly.

Item Creation: Upon the creation of a new item, certain automations can instantly set its status and due date, assign it to a team member, and get it onto the proper board.

Custom Recipes: Can’t find the template you’re looking for? Build it yourself as a custom automation to set your own array of parameters. Easily bring the automation of your dreams to life.

Be sure to check out some of the practical examples of’s automation recipes.

Ready, Set, Automate

It’s time to improve your productivity, reduce team burnout, and make data-driven decisions with As a Certified Partner, obo. Agency can introduce you to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface and provide instructional resources so you can start automating your workflow processes immediately. Chat with us today!