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No two organizations are the same, which is why the OBO experts begin every project with an in-depth assessment of our client’s unique challenges, goals, and requirements. 

Our mission is simple–create efficient systems that reduce manual processes and align teams around revenue goals.

With masterful user requirements gathering and systems analysis you can be confident implementing a system built for the scaling needs of your organization.

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Assessments Built Around Your Needs

Revenue Operations Assessment

Our Revenue Operations assessment explores your existing sales, marketing and customer service technology stacks and determines how these technologies integrate with your ERP, Financial Systems and Customer service software.  Once our experts have an understanding of your organizations revenue operations, we’re able to determine the optimum customer engagement approach.

Email Marketing Assessment

Our Email Marketing assessment takes a deep look into how you’re currently managing your customer outreach.  This assessment reviews everything from your technology, how it’s integrated with your other systems, your workflows, prospect segments, data cleanliness, to overall your email design and copy.  Assessments are the foundation for effective email marketing and we’ll provide recommendations to see substantial uplift across opens, engagements, and most important revenue.

Migration / Integration Assessment

This assessment takes a look at what it would take and feasibility to migrate or integrate your technologies.  Depending upon the assessment focus we’ll either look at what’s the best possible way to integrate your technologies or what it will take to migrate from one technology to the other.  

Our Approach

Phase 1 – User Requirements Gathering
Organizational discovery requirement interviews kick off our engagement. This phase includes developing user stories to capture the functionality that the architected system will support. This will determine final recommendations and focus of the engagement 

Phase 2 – Technical Architecture and System Design
In Phase 2, we focus on the technical architecture, process, and design. This is essential to provide an accurate total cost of ownership, project scope, and the roadmap for implementation.

Phase 3 – Engagement / Implementation
Our teams will implement the strategies and tech stack per the requirements and system design determined in phase one and two.  We’ll set up your custom system, marketing automation, integrations, workflows, templates, landing pages, campaigns, and so much more. 

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support
Once the implementation is complete we provide the ongoing support, edits, and reporting to ensure your program is continuously optimized for peak effectiveness. 

Working With OBO

With extensive experience in 20+ platforms and a deep understanding of data and system architecture, we’re uniquely positioned to evaluate and implement technologies that will serve as a force multiplier to your sales and marketing efforts. From CRM to Marketing Automation, and each relevant technology in-between, we evaluate what is working, what is causing friction, and provide customized recommendations that work for both your team and your customers while complementing your current systems.

Once implementation is complete, our integrated marketing team can provide the support you need to develop your marketing strategy, manage your marketing automation system, coordinate email marketing and even run your digital campaigns.

We have deep experience in a variety of industries including nonprofit, finance, SaaS, associations, and so much more.