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Obo. Agency is a Revenue Operations Agency with offices in both Columbia, MD, and Washington, DC. 

Our team of revenue experts architect processes, customize technology stacks, and integrate marketing campaigns to optimize ROI of go-to-market teams.

Our interdisciplinary team of Process & Business Analysts, Technologist, Developers, and Marketing Experts work together to identify revenue opportunities and maximize the efficiency of the organizations we serve.

Meet Our Team

Noah Berk


Rob Guinn


Joe Hall

Business Process Analyst

Chelsea Yeager


Steve Saberin

Business Development

Taryn Cleary

Senior Strategist

Alex Lowry

Senior Strategist

Jen Gruber

Marketing Strategist

Gabe Ekemezie

Marketing Coordinator

Michelle Mattern

Marketing Strategist

Matt Philbin

Senior Technologist

Brian Lieberman

Lead Technologist

Nick Beall


Julia Hanold

Content Strategist

Bridget Cauley

Marketing Analyst

James Beacham

Marketing Analyst

Amy Crowley

Marketing Analyst

Ryan McGlynn

Marketing Technologist

David Hall


Christian Franklyn

Digital Marketing Associate​

Kendall Grove

Digital Marketing Associate

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