TerraCycle Unifies It’s 28 Account Management Teams with Hubspot

350 Employees in 28 Teams and 21 Different Countries Migrated from an Outdated CRM to Hubspot Boosting Overall Efficiency and Productivity

For 20 years, Terracycle has been at the forefront of turning consumer waste into raw materials used in new products. The business was established with a singular focus in mind, eliminating the world’s waste. TerraCycle has led a recycling initiative that has now reached 21 countries. With a growing need for scalability, TerraCycle decided to move away from its outdated CRM that limited its teams and overall business abilities and refocus on using a more flexible, efficient, and useful CRM software.

Terracycle consulted with OBO Agency to assess which platform would best suit its needs, and after much technical research and assessment, OBO advised TerraCycle to utilize Hubspot. OBO vetted Hubspot as TerraCycle’s prime software choice with its expansive and customizable functionalities to accommodate TerraCycle’s quickly increasing business growth.

Still, TerraCycle needed support and direction in migrating all of its data and account management teams from its previous CRM to Hubspot. So, they brought on OBO Agency to help them implement these plans into actionable changes. OBO helped guide Terracycle through a project which migrated 28 teams that consists of 350 employees across multiple divisions, each with their regional divisions in 21 different countries from their previous CRM to Hubspot.

In migrating TerraCycle’s data, OBO built and customized the system architecture and key functionalities of HubSpot for each team. These customizations included automation, tracking optimization, and the application of transparent communication within various departments. Data was migrated into appropriate pipelines and deal stages with their historical references. These historical references include when a deal went into the pipeline, which employee is working on it, what information is on it that team members need to know about, and more—this aligned team understanding regarding sales queues within different timelines. Throughout the project’s completion, multiple virtual training sessions were conducted to ensure that all internal stakeholders were up to speed with the new system.

Krisztian Sessi, IT Project Manager of TerraCycle, said, “we had been running an outdated CRM with limited ability to track contacts, pipeline, productivity, and business overall. OBO helped guide our path in implementing HubSpot across teams in multiple divisions, each with its regional divisions. From technical assessment to system architecture, data migration to post-implementation training, OBO was there to perfect our system and advise where we needed it. Since taking our HubSpot instance live, we’ve seen a great improvement. Our processes are more streamlined, work is more optimized, and our teams have the data they need to make revenue-generating business decisions quicker and easier.” Bela Domokos, CIO of TerraCycle said, “TerraCycle grew from a small company that was super nimble and could pivot quickly; that’s something we want to continue”. Mr. Domokos knows the importance of an agile tech infrastructure within an evolving organization, which is why he pushed to transition their previous passive and inefficient linear system into Hubspot, which allowed for quick expansion and innovation. 

Mr. Domokos is delighted with his decision to choose Hubspot because it helped TerraCycle boost its sales and account management teams’ efficiency and productivity with its extensive automation options and user-friendly functionalities. In Technology Magazine’s digital report, Mr. Domokos said, “OBO Agency guides us through the thought process of which solution or software option would best meet our needs. OBO helps facilitate the conversation to make sure that our sales process is scalable. It’s not just about the tool; it’s about how our sales process operates: how we track, how we report, and how we catalog. They help us with all of these things and more”.  

Migrating your data and business processes can be a daunting idea, but it’s definitely a worthwhile task to do if your current practices aren’t serving you well. If you’re looking to streamline your organization’s processes, let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with guidance.Kirs