So You Sent the Wrong Email… Now What?

Like millions of other people, I do a lot of my online shopping on Amazon. I enjoy the perks of Prime and have even made a few shopping lists for friends and family for the holidays. That said, I’m used to getting some promotional emails from Amazon. I was not, however, prepared for this one: This might not seem that odd if you don’t know me, but allow me to clarify: I don’t have a baby registry because I’m not pregnant. So I was definitely confused when Amazon sent me this notification about someone buying me a gift for [...]

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All About ActiveCampaign: Pros, Cons, and Quirks

As we made the transition from an outbound lead generation organization to a full sales and marketing consulting agency, the need for a reliable marketing automation platform became imperative. That’s when we came across ActiveCampaign: a powerful, user-friendly marketing automation (MA) and CRM software that allows you to easily create, monitor, and analyze marketing campaigns and sales funnels. What is ActiveCampaign? ActiveCampaign (AC) is a robust, powerful, and dynamic MA and CRM platform that has a simple, intuitive user interface. Users can easily set up an email sequence and track a contact’s interactions (whether they opened the email, clicked on [...]

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How to Turn Grazers into Deal-Closing Experts

Imagine running a business where one month your pipeline is full of potential customers excited to learn more about your product, but the next it’s completely empty. Frustrating, right? Believe it or not, this is the case for many businesses when we first are introduced to them, and it all has to do with the internal structure of their sales departments. Grazing Limits Your Outreach A lot of sales teams that are without a defined demand generation person also lack the processes to track their outbound communication. Their salespeople are “grazers,” meaning they are good at managing existing accounts, handling [...]

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New Name, Same Great Team! Introducing OBO

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 20 months since my partner Rob and I launched our business, OutboundOps, in January 2016. It’s been an incredible journey watching the company grow, watching our people grow, and watching our clients become more successful. With our growth has come change, understanding, and evolution. OutboundOps was dedicated to lead generation through list building, cold-emailing, and response management. We got really good at sending cold emails that converted prospects into opportunities. We also developed strong skill sets around content, reporting, dashboards, and setting up integrations between our cold email systems and our client’s [...]

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Why Relying on Inbound Alone Could Keep You in the Poor House

Inbound marketing is important, and we tell all our clients to take advantage of it. But, unfortunately, not every customer is looking up everything your company offers. When you only rely on inbound marketing as a strategy, you only capture people who are already far down the funnel. This means you aren’t filling the rest of your pipeline with people who are unfamiliar with your brand. It’s the difference between casting a net and hoping for the best and spearfishing for the tastiest catch. Pure Inbound Marketing There is a lot of research on inbound marketing, and it seems [...]

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5 Tips to Help Your Marketing Automation Succeed

For big and small companies alike, capturing leads and converting them into sales-ready prospects is essential for growth. Traditional marketing techniques rely on either broad, sweeping distribution or the painstaking work of identifying and categorizing an audience. This is not only inefficient, but also ineffective. By transitioning to an automated approach, you are able to better serve your customers by sending targeted content based on user behavior and interests. But what is marketing automation, and do I need to be a computer engineer to implement it?  Marketing automation is essentially a collection of tools that help to streamline and bolster [...]

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Why Your Data is a Goldmine

Let’s be honest: most businesses are completely unaware of the goldmine right at their fingertips. This untapped potential shines new light on leads and prospects, tracks down unique consumer buying processes, and helps uncover trends to increase sales. By reading the title of this post, you probably already know the goldmine I’m referring to... You guessed it: data. Why Data is So Important These days, companies collect data for many reasons. It can be used to track leads, find out which products are hot on the market, and decide how to expand target audiences. Data is so important because there [...]

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How to Cross-Sell Your Customers

If you are looking to expand your consumer base, cross selling needs to become a part of your business strategy. Consumers’ reliance on digital discovery when looking for a product or service is growing, so companies with a strong digital presence are at an advantage. But for non-digital companies, the competition makes it difficult to generate brand awareness. What is Cross Selling, Exactly? This rise of competition in the digital marketplace makes acquiring new prospects challenging, but cross selling is a proven way to build a solid sales pipeline. In the most basic sense, cross selling is reaching out [...]

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The Key to Survival in Mature B2B Industries

How does a B2B furniture company survive? The amount of furniture stores I pass on my way to work every morning is almost alarming. Their windows are littered with signage claiming the lowest prices, highest quality, and best customer service in the industry. But a few months later, those signs will be replaced with ones that say 70%-90% off, everything must go. It makes me wonder what differences there must be between the stores that go out of business quickly to the ones that have been around for a long time, especially when they both seem to offer the same [...]

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